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Eliminate Bed Bugs with Thermal Treatment from Bed Bug Solutions

Have you recently noticed bed bugs in your home? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. These insects are common due to the prohibition of the pesticide DDT, a resistance to other pesticides and an increase in global travel. The insects typically take shelter in mattress seams, the edges of carpets, bed frames, door and window casings, peeling wallpapers and picture frames.

Dangers of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not transfer contagious diseases, but they carry about 28 human pathogens. The insects can pass on hepatitis B, a virus found in their droppings, and their bites can produce open sores that lead to bacterial infections. Sometimes people also suffer from welts or allergic reactions.

Thermal Treatment

When traditional pesticide methods don’t take effect or take months to fix the problem, homeowners and business owners require an alternate successful and quicker method to eradicate them. This is where heat procedure from Bed Bug Solutions comes in.

Our team has the specialized knowledge to cautiously administer the thermal treatment for bed bugs. We use intense heat, between 120 to 135 degrees, for at least three hours to totally eradicate the pests. As we use our large, high-output heaters, we will turn your furniture and belongings to guarantee even heat circulation to the infested location. Bed Bug Solutions’ trained technicians deliver all the power necessary for heating the space through a generator, and we will also provide you with a finished report and temperature record.

Because we use high heat, we suggest that you stay out of the house while we oversee thermal treatment. The treatment only takes one day, which means you can return home and rest in a bed-bug free home right after we are finished.

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Make sure you get rid of bed bugs immediately bed bugs, contact Bed Bug Solutions in Manchester for the best heat bed bug procedure in the area. In addition to providing thermal treatments, we can also educate you or your tenants on how to prevent the outbreak of bed bugs.

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