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Eliminate Bed Bugs with Thermal Treatment from Bed Bug Solutions

Those who suffer from a bed bug infestation in their home should not feel alone. These nuisances frequently infest due to the prohibition of the pesticide DDT, immunity to other pesticides and a rise in global travel. The insects usually find refuge in mattress seams, the edges of carpets, bed frames, door and window casings, peeling wallpapers and picture frames.

Dangers of Bed Bugs

Fortunately, bed bugs do not spread infectious diseases, but they do hold about 28 human pathogens. The insects can transmit hepatitis B, a virus found in their droppings, and their bites can create open sores that could cause bacterial infections. Certain individuals also suffer from swelling or allergic reactions.

Thermal Treatment

When customary pesticide approaches don’t function or take too long to solve the problem, homeowners and business owners need an alternate successful and less time consuming system to exterminate them. This is where thermal procedure from Bed Bug Solutions comes in.

Bed Bug Solutions has the specialized expertise to safely execute the heat treatment for bed bugs. We use powerful heat, ranging from 120 to 135 degrees, for at least three hours to fully remove the pests. As we use our large, high-output heaters, we will turn your furniture and belongings to guarantee even heat distribution to the infested area. Bed Bug Solution’s trained technicians provide all the energy necessary for heating the area through a generator, and we will also provide you with a completion report and temperature log.

Due to these heightened temperatures, we recommend that you stay out of your home while we oversee thermal treatment. The treatment normally takes only one day, which means you get to return home and sleep in a bed-bug free home right after treatment is completed.

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Never postpone exterminating bed bugs, call Bed Bug Solutions in Concord, New Hampshire for the most effective heat bed bug procedure in the area. Along with providing thermal treatments, we can also inform you or your tenants on how to hinder the spread of bed bugs.

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