Treatments are completed in a day by our courteous, thorough, professional technicians.  No need for multiple visits, as with chemical treatments.  We provide all power required to heat the area with our generator..

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We follow a strict systematic process:


When it comes to bed bugs, determining the scope of the infestation is vital to know how to treat it. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, contact Bed Bug Solutions of New England for a bed bug inspection. Our professional pest control technicians are trained to know where bed bugs hide and what signs they leave behind. Upon completion, we will let you know if you have an infestation. If you do, we’ll explain how extensive it is and what course of treatment we suggest.

Then we bring the heat!

Electric heaters powered by our generator are used to heat the space to more than 120 degrees for a minimum of three hours. Including setup and movement between rooms. Expect our technicians to be onsite for a minimum of five hours.

We also have a high-temperature (up to 266 degrees) steamer to use on heavily infested furniture and hard-to-treat areas such as wood plank flooring.

  • Our non-toxic treatment is pesticide free.
  • Heat kills bed bugs at all stages of the life cycle (eggs, larvae, pupae, nymphs, and adults)
  • Heat can penetrate walls and other unreachable places
  • Simple “pre-treatment” responsibility for the homeowner
  • No items need to be discarded, as with fumigant or chemical treatments for bed bugs.
  • Heat treatments reduce total shutdown time to less than 24 hours.


Temperature is monitored on a computer that records the data from a remote location via wireless sensors


Fans move the heated air throughout the space to reach insects in cracks, crevices or high-infestation zones. Technicians will move the fans, furniture, clothes and linens as needed to heat the entire space evenly.