Stop Bed Bugs with Thermal Treatment

Bed Bug Solutions of New England believe that heat is the best, state-of-the-art treatment. With heat, there’s no space for bed bugs to hide. Chemical spray-based treatments can’t cover a whole room. Moreover, these gas-based chemicals can be strong and can’t reach everything, especially if you have a well-loved house filled with clothes, furniture, and prized possessions. Keep in mind that every cranny or nook that is not reached by chemical treatment is a place where bed bugs may hide. Heat can target your entire house; thus, the bed bugs won’t be able to hide and repopulate after a few days.

Heat kills bed bugs instead of letting them sleep.

Bed bugs are capable of hiding and sleeping for days or even weeks. They can even hibernate for up to a year. Because of this, bed bugs can re-infest your home. In some cases, they were never really gone! When you use chemicals to knock out bed bugs, they can wake up after a few days. Traditionally, the primary solution for this is to use more potent chemicals. But, how strong is the lethal dose?

Heat fixes resistance to pesticides.

A common problem developing among various pest species is pesticide resistance. Once the pests are able to survive a chemical assassination attempt, you’ll need to apply a more potent chemical to get rid of these remaining pests. The problem is that strong chemicals can harm our water and environment.

Bed bugs are nomadic creatures. The bed bugs festering in your house probably came from someone’s belongings. Before arriving at your home, there’s a good chance that these pests were treated using a chemical treatment, wherein they were able to survive and develop resistance. Unlike chemicals, heat is a physical process. It can kill bed bugs without giving them a chance to escape or develop resistance.

It doesn’t harm your belongings.

When spraying pesticides or using gas-based chemicals, you must leave your house empty for a few days. You will need to find a place to stay, and you may have to discard furniture to prevent a new infestation. When you use heat to treat bed bugs, you can go home and sleep on your own bed at the end of the day.

Bed Bug Solutions of New England – Why Heat Treatment is Better

Using heat treatment for bed bugs will destroy the bed bugs, including their larvae and eggs, in only hours. Our optimized thermal treatment uses precise technology: thus, we can raise the room temperature to our exact specifications. Our heat treatment is safe for mattresses, upholstery, and furniture. Heat can pass through soft furnishings, killing bed bugs at all stages that chemicals are simply incapable of doing. Heat treatments are more effective in terminating your bed bug infestation than chemical methods. If our heat treatment doesn’t provide 100% satisfaction, we’ll retreat your infested area at no additional cost.

Bed Bug Solutions of New England offers thermal eradication for the total elimination of bed bugs. Bed bug heat treatments are pesticide free and highly effective at killing bed bugs. Unlike traditional chemical treatments, which require bed bugs to hatch, our heat treatments eliminate all forms of bed bug life – including their eggs! The heat and fans allow our team to penetrate all areas of your home, leaving no place for bed bugs to hide.

Heat Is The Most Effective & Greenest Way To Eliminate Bed Bugs

Chemical-free exterminating is the natural solution to pest control. Utilizing heat at high temperatures is a non-toxic and effective method for eradicating bed bugs. Bed bug heat treatments are environmentally friendly. Heat treatments are the ideal treatment solution for hotels, residential homes, assisted living, dormitories, shelters, or any other facility that cannot afford to be out of service for an extended period of time.

The heat treatment process is simple and requires little preparation. Our team can be in and out in no time and help you relieve the stress that a bed bug infestation can put on you and your family.


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