Protect Yourself

Second-hand items

  • Before buying or bringing a used item into your home, inspect it carefully for signs of bed bugs.
  • Furniture: If you are unsure if a piece of furniture is infested, call us before bringing it into your home. An inspection or steam treatment of the item is a fraction of the cost of a heat treatment of a home.
  • Clothing: ALWAYS treat clothing before introducing it to your home. The easiest way is to place the item or items you have been given or buy in a sealable plastic bag. Upon returning home, immediately wash and dry them. Wash using the hottest water cycle, and dry using the hottest dryer setting. Dry for no less than 20 minutes. For dry-clean only clothing, do not wash but place in dryer for no less than 20 minutes on high heat.

At the laundromat

  • Never put your laundry on the folding table until you check for signs of bed bugs.
  • Fold your laundry immediately and place into clean plastic bags. Seal.
  • When you return home: if you know you don’t have bed bugs, put laundry away. If you think there is a chance you have bed bugs, or a nearby apartment does, keep laundry in sealed bags and take out as needed.


  • Until you check for bedbugs, put your luggage in the bathroom. It’s the least likely space to find the bugs.
  • Never put your luggage on the floor or bed. Use the top of a dresser or a luggage rack.
  • Inspect the bedding and other furniture for any signs of bed bugs.
  • When you get home, wash and dry your clothes. At minimum, put your clothes in the dryer at high heat for at least 20 minutes.

Signs of bed bugs

  • Blood marks
  • Dark fecal spots
  • Eggs and egg shell casings (eggs can be single or in clumps)
  • Nymphs (immature/young bugs) are yellow-white
  • Adults are reddish brown
  • Unexplained bites on your body

Where to look

  • Behind headboards
  • Along mattress seams
  • In sheets, blankets and bedskirt
  • In ceiling-wall junctions
  • On your clothes
  • Along baseboards

If you think/know you have bed bugs

  • Tenants: Call your landlord immediately. The faster an infestation is treated, the easier and more cost-effective it is. At the first sign of a bedbug, contact your landlord.
  • Homeowners: Seek treatment immediatley. The faster an infestation is treated, the easier and more cost-effective it is.
Bites of insect on male body. Bed bugs or flea.

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