Just One Bed Bug is One Too Many


Early detection and action are keys to avoiding a bed bug infestation.

When bed bugs begin to multiply, many residents and owners have traditionally looked to chemical solutions to rid their beds of these bloodsuckers.  If not applied properly, this process can sometimes be ineffective – not to mention environmentally unsafe.  To truly protect your loved ones and pets, modern pest control companies use thermal remediation (heat)  to eradicate bed bugs.  Don’t compromise your health!

Even the cleanest homes and highest-quality hotels can unwittingly host bed bugs.

Aside from taking precautions to not carry bed bugs into your space, consider mattress and box spring encasements.  

What to do if you suspect — or know — you have been infected

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Need an inspection report after an infestation or guest complaint to meet insurance and guest standards? We will provide a report of our findings, or lack thereof, as a third-party professional.

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