Do I need to replace my furniture/bedding?

Absolutely not. Don’t throw away your belongings. A heat treatment is much less costly than replacing your furniture and beds. If furniture is heavily infested, we will also provide a steam treatment to ensure your furniture is bed-bug free when we leave.

How should we prepare a room for treatment?

We will provide you with a detailed list, or you can print the list by clicking here. In general, remove items that will be damaged at temperatures of more than 120 degrees. Examples include wax-based items such as candles and crayons; living things such as pets and plants; fresh food such as vegetables and chocolate; and pressurized containers such as aerosol cans and fire extinguishers.

What equipment will you bring?

Our truck and trailer have no visible markings, to ensure our clients’ privacy. Our trailer contains a generator that will power our heaters. We will need access to electric plugs for our fans. We will also need an electric outlet for our computer that will receive the information from our wireless sensors. The computer will need to be in a room that is not being heated.

We also have a high-powered steamer available that is used in conjunction with the heat treatment as needed.

How long does it take?

The minimum time we maintain treatment temperatures is three hours. You can expect service technicians onsite for at least five hours for small apartments or hotel units. For larger apartments and homes, service can take a full day.

 When will it be safe for people and pets to return?

Because we don’t use chemicals, the space is safe to enter as soon as temperatures drop to a comfortable level.

​What is the cost of a heat treatment?

Cost of a heat treatment is much less than replacing your furniture and mattresses. Cost is determined by treatment time. There are a number of factors that influence treatment time: Size of your home, amount of “things” in treatment area (less furniture, boxes, clothes, etc. means faster treatment time), number of rooms, unit/home’s insulation  and number of windows. Costs can range from $800 to $3000. We also offer multiple unit discounts to landlords and commercial property owners. We can provide you with an accurate cost after getting more information and completing an inspection.

​Can I do this myself?

No. Our heaters are specially made to reach and maintain temperatures of more than 120 degrees. Furnaces and household heaters cannot output these temperatures. 


If you find live bed bugs within 30 days of initial treatment, please call us immediately. Service contract is 30 days from date of original treatment, provided your account is in good standing. There are a few exclusions/actions that will void service contract: Noncompliance, such as failure to prep according to instructions; failure to let us treat all areas and items recommended in treatment plan; introduction of used furniture, clothing or goods to treated area.