Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

There are few things worse than discovering that you have a bed bug problem in your business. Getting rid of them can be a daunting task as well. Bed Bug Solutions, based in Manchester, NH, can perform a bed bug heat treatment and dispose of your problem so you can get back to running your business in a timely manner.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

When you are choosing the best solution to treating bed bugs, you want to make sure it’s an effective treatment. Our team uses whole room heat treatments to handle any bed bug problems. We will bring in specially designed equipment that heats up an entire room. The room can get up to temperatures as high as 135 ℉. Because bed bugs cannot survive in extreme heat, this will effectively eliminate them.

This form of extermination is a great way to reach all corners of a room that has a bed bug problem. This method is easy because you don’t have to locate bed bug nests. Sometimes bed bugs can hide in small spaces that are hard or almost impossible to reach. Because our machines heat up the entire room, it reaches these difficult places where bed bugs could be hiding.

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If your Southern NH or Northern MA commercial property is experiencing problems with bed bugs, choose an effective method with Bed Bug Solutions. We can use this special thermal treatment for bed bugs to exterminate any and all bed bugs that may be living on your property. We are the premier choice for commercial bed bug extermination in Manchester, NH, and the surrounding area. Call us today to get more information or to book an appointment.


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